We develop products and offer investment opportunities that allow retail investors to participate alongside institutional investors in private market investments to address significant unmet social needs.

We are regularly mentioned as one of the UK’s top early-stage investment firms, alongside companies such as Atomico and Apax.

Hyeia Medical Group

Hyeia Medical's mission is to improve women's health through family health by personalizing healthcare through precision medicine. The life science company intends to achieve this by improving primary care and utilizing a hybrid approach. As a result, the first step is to develop a therapy management platform that will serve as a health assistant to healthcare providers and patients, providing therapeutic solutions for multifactorial diseases with high unmet medical need.

Louise x Studios

Everything began in 2018, when Flores Advertising wanted to give models a voice instead of just being living mannequins. This grew the agency into an international influencer marketing agency with offices in Hamburg and London, a network of talented social media influencers, and its first household-name clients. Flores Advertising decided to take a more meaningful and proactive approach in 2020 in order to fully leverage their sense for upcoming trends. As a result, Flores Advertising evolved into the entertainment company Louise X Studios, which is now part of the Louise Media Group.

Louise Media Group 

Women will have a significant role in resolving current and future global crises. Women's contributions to society, however, have never been completely recognized. As a result, LOUISE Media wants to change this by breaking down the barriers that keep women from attaining their full potential.


The LOUISE Media Group empowers ecosystems by establishing powerful and resilient businesses with devoted communities through storytelling and community building. The group starts to do so through the entertainment company LOUISE x Studios and the content-as-a-service media platform Generation SHERO. 

How we foster innovation

Within our ecosystem, we foster innovation to tackle real-world problems and help families enhance their quality of life. A growing eco-conscious society demands sustainable financial solutions. Financial and health concerns can have a considerable impact on one's quality of life and need to be addressed. In order to do so, we must not only empower investors through increased access but also improve their financial knowledge, particularly for retail investors. 

This is a critical component of our beyond-capital strategy to assist solution-focused innovators via our platforms and our strong focus on infrastructure that builds synergies through tech and science. Our strong emphasis on research and establishing strong and resilient brands and communities serves as the foundation for continued growth.