Adding value through innovation

We envision a value-driven and hybrid society and strive to provide access to sustainable alternative investments to support our investors in building wealth by assisting the most innovative companies in life science and vital infrastructure to address existing and future societal issues.

Our approach

We provide and advise on green finance and strategic support solutions for innovative companies that solve social challenges and thereby add value to our stakeholders.

Our primary focus is on Europe and North America, but we are keeping an eye out for rising opportunities in emerging markets.

 We serve as a strategic partner and are long-term committed. 


We can quickly connect you with the right person thanks to our extensive network. By assisting you in forming new partnerships, locating the appropriate new team member, and exchanging ideas with other entrepreneurs, we help you in accelerating and developing your business. 


We love interacting with management teams and founders, with a focus on the early and growth stages. As strategic partners, we listen to your challenges and support you in growing throughout the life cycle of your business. For this, we use our experience and entrepreneurial mindset. If needed, we will support you as part of the management team.


Access to capital is critical for every company. We invest in innovative, impact driven founders and companies that are shaping the world of tomorrow by helping to overcome current or emerging societal challenges. We are comfortable taking the lead or investing alongside other investors. 

Where we seek to make a difference

We foster innovation by supporting industry transformations through our three missions: longevity, accessibility, and conveniency. Through these three missions, we strive to provide expertise and build synergies. 


Digital transformation and technological breakthroughs improve access to education, health, and economic possibilities. To fully realize the potential of these transformations, we place customers as change agents at the core of the transformation process to improve life quality. 


We believe the future of healthcare will be hybrid and value-driven. Improved primary care and health outcomes require a more holistic view of patient needs, the development of individualized treatment solutions, and a better integration of care management at home. Patients will not only live longer lives but also be in better health as a result.


Customers have grown accustomed to certain levels of convenience and continue to want more. We believe blockchain and the acceleration of open innovation will be critical to providing the greatest and safest product experience and meeting consumer needs. 

Louise Media Ventures

We support early-stage, female-led startups that are dedicated to making a difference by breaking down barriers to empower communities. Statistics show that women make better entrepreneurs, yet they still struggle to get the support they need to grow their businesses. 

We are here to assist as a strategic partner in adding value to their business through brand building.

One Africa Investments

One of the most promising continents for growth, rich in resources and culture. Africa has for a very long time been exploited and ignored, but things are starting to change. For impact-driven investors, Africa presents a variety of intriguing prospects. We are backing African and diasporan entrepreneurs who are reshaping society by addressing some of Africa's most critical problems.